Expanding in the design world with strength and ease, IMA Interiors imagines and creates interiors for personal and professional projects. Founded in 2012 by Izabella Lubiniecka and Arnaud Mathieu, IMA Interiors expresses the complementary and collaborative nature of its founders. The duo brings creative worlds to life using three principles: the right proportions, a balance between shapes and materials, and continual research into elegance.

The pair have developed their signature design and its bold character by collaborating with numerous artists and artisans. Together, they give every address an exclusive touch, marked by a pure, contemporary and poetic aesthetic.

Agency – The Team

  • Artistic Director

    Izabella Lubiniecka

    Artistic Director

    A doctor of fine arts, Izabella Lubiniecka infuses life into space by playing with the balance of shapes and the rhythm of colors. “In our projects, everything starts with color. It contextualizes space and creates atmosphere.” Inspired by travel, she strives to ensure that each project tells a story, engenders a new architectural landscape and stands out thanks to its unique style.
  • Technical Director

    Arnaud Mathieu

    Technical Director

    Engineer and manager, Arnaud Mathieu is constantly looking for innovative concepts. He emphasizes the use of beautiful raw materials within the agency: "Beauty lies in the material.” He’s passionate about the bespoke. The furniture he designs employs a formal, direct style that plays with geometry. His primary source of inspiration and energy is deep-sea diving, a world where he can discover shapes and materials that are still unknown.

The dialogue between these two experts produces a strong, vibrant collaboration. Each one brings their unique eye, and challenges the other’s choices. Their dynamic engenders projects that combine the rhythm and symmetry of architecture with the poetry and subtle beauty of the palette. They share a perfectionist attitude that shines throughout the fruits of their teamwork.