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Our Interior Design Projects

The Agency

IMA Interiors is an interior design studio created by Izabella Lubiniecka and Arnaud Mathieu.
The duo wields a deeply developed, creative style devoted to the design of space and furniture. Their work covers the renovation of not just apartments and houses, but also public spaces such as restaurants, hotels and boutiques. From choosing materials to manufacturing furniture in their own studio, IMA Interiors not only offers clients their expertise but accompanies their projects every step of the way.

Our Approach

  • Step 1: Analysis

    Step 1: Analysis

    With a holistic practice that includes a narrative, aesthetic and functional approach, IMA Interiors provides comprehensive support from A to Z. Each new project begins by listening intently to the client and paying close attention to the space. By analyzing the function and ergonomics of the area, the agency then creates a 3D model showcasing their recommendations for shapes, materials and colors. The team also designs bespoke furniture to ensure that the atmosphere is perfectly harmonized.
  • Step 2: Construction

    Step 2: Construction

    After the design is validated, the team creates a technical file which is used to consult with their partners. The agency leans on its network of loyal, carefully chosen collaborators to provide clients with highly skilled, trustworthy artisans at negotiated rates. Their additional network of partner suppliers makes for one-of-a-kind decorative projects, lighting design and furniture at competitive prices.
  • Step 3: Follow Up

    Step 3: Follow Up

    Lastly, IMA Interiors closely follows the construction, organizes the logistics and oversees every partnering artisan. With their expertise, technical assistance and perpetual attention to detail, the agency masterfully executes every step— leading to a sophisticated, functional and exceptionally creative result.