Deeply appreciative of art and a firm believer that an oeuvre can change an atmosphere, the IMA Interiors Agency regularly incorporates artwork into their interiors. The team works with talented artists whose works bring a unique, sophisticated and invigorating touch.

Liliana Kużdowicz

A painter, Liliana Kużdowicz specializes in abstract figurative art. She uses different artistic techniques to construct a dreamlike world, playing with reliefs. A graduate of the Fine Arts School in Torun, she lives and works in Poland. Her works can be found in numerous private collections and museums.


Painter – Sculptor — Engraver — Installation Artist
Asilva’s workshop is in Paris, and her creations can be found in many museums and collections. She holds a masters and postgraduate diploma in fine arts from the Sorbonne university. She’s also known for her research and work on the Golden Ratio. Her work can be found in the Paris archives of the Louvre museum.

Camille Mercandelli-Park

Camille Mercandelli-Park is a French artist born in 1979. A graduate of the Fine Arts School in Valence and the Paris 8 University, her work principally gravitates around drawings made from watercolor and Chinese ink— and most recently, asian varnishing techniques. Her creations, influenced by Asian paintings and her numerous trips to South Korea, are partially representative, partially abstract.

Woojung Park

Born in 1972 in Busan, Woojung Park stayed in South Korea’s largest port until his first military service. In 1996, he left for France. After studying at the Valence Fine Arts School, he moved to Paris. For ten years he switched from philosophy to script writing, and worked in various other domaines. In 2012, he discovered fashion photography. It brought him back to his own photography work and it became his principal artistic expression. He’s been enjoying a career in photography every since, shooting both fashion and art.